Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Son of Perdition by Len duRandt

I really enjoyed this book and have given it a five stare review on Amazon. I hope there will be more from this author.

This is quite a read from beginning to end, packed with action and very well written, if a bit on the long side.

Nevertheless, as a Christian I loved it. I found it surprisingly challenging, it forced me to question the strength of my faith. It’s not a book I will easily forget, a complement to the author’s skill as a writer.

The characters are believable and I really cared what happened to them.

The book is incredibly descriptive and in places almost shocking. So much so, I pray I don’t get left behind when the rapture happens!

My only criticism is the books length, but it’s a great story and a book I am more than happy to recommend.

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