Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Rat and A Ransom. Review.

A brill review by Sally Guillen, Infinite Dreams Blog.

This was such a lovely book even though it was about a rat. Yes I am not very fond of our rodent friends, but I have to say the rat in this book may have swayed me.

The main character is a little boy named, Tom, whose parents are of the working class. Because of this he is often alone at home so he desperately wants a pet. He finds an unlikely one hiding from a cat in the garden. Enter, Mask, our rodent friend who is smart and such a great character, well for a rat anyway. Tom and Mask are kidnapped and end up going on an adventure of sorts. In the end Tom is found and reunited with his parents and all is well. Or is it?

This book was fun to read and it really surprised me at the end. This would be a great book for any child to read as it it very entertaining and engaging. The pictures are just darling and do the characters justice.

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