Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A small section from 'A Puzzling Reflection.'

This is a small section from my next book, A Puzzling Reflection. I'm halfway through the editing process and I must admit I'm enjoying it. It's good to spend time with these characters again.

Far enough from the fog to be safe, a huge rat crouched under some bushes. His handsome white coat complemented his beautiful ruby eyes; they glowed with impatience as he waited for Zenith to arrive. His delicate pink ears twitched at every sound. He stared into the forest canopy searching for any sign of the eagle.

   Psalm attempted to calm him. “Stop worrying,” she cooed gently. “He’ll be here soon, and anyway you can’t do a thing until the fog has cleared.”

“I know that, but we need to hurry we don’t have much time!” His long tail writhed like a restless snake, conveying his anxiety and desperate desire to rescue Stagman and Irene. “I can’t be expected to work miracles you know.”

“Well, you do surprise me,” said Psalm with a chuckle.

Ezekiel huffed in response to her jibe. He was an impetuous rodent and to those who didn’t know him well, he came across as grumpy. However, in reality he was gentle and kind hearted.

To distract him Psalm suggested he have a wash, she knew how he liked to keep his fur in pristine condition. Secretly, she thought him a little vain. As she watched him, all of a sudden the branches above their heads swayed violently. Zenith had arrived.

“At last,” exclaimed Ezekiel. “He’s here.”


  1. Hi Yvon -

    This was a delightful taste. Your words engage.

    Thank you for sharing this.